This is the list of frequently asked questions. If you couldn’t find the answer to you question, contact us via the feedback form or via our VK.com group.

IMPORTANT: Please note that we cannot guarantee the presence of certain artists or items in your set, since the main point of our project is a surprise gift.

  • Those who wish to make an unusual furry-themed gift to their friends or themselves.
  • Those who collect unusual items. Each set is an individual piece of art.
  • Those who like new, uncommon, exotic stuff.
  • Those who want to support furry artists and the ARFI team by ordering commissions.

You can order the set for yourself or as a gift for someone else at a certain date (in special circumstances we may catalyze the production, but you’ll have to take the delivery upon yourself).

Some of the items will be mass-production: prints, posters, T-shirts, badges, paws and other trinkets. The contents will depend on the preferences you specify in the questionnaire. At least one item will be crafted for you on an individual basis, based on your questionnaire, reference and fursona. That gives the uniqueness to every box that we assemble.

The number of items may vary, since the price of the set is fixed. I.e., if your set features an expensive and difficult-to-make object, the total amount of items will decrease.


Unfortunately, our project is not meant for those who have a clear vision of what they wish to get and will not be content to anything else. In this case better cooperate directly with the artist and explain all the details. We will rely on our own experience and tastes and your questionnaire. The only thing we can promise is that the furry stuff will be of high quality.

The main point of Furry Stuff is not the stuff, it’s the surprise.

Well, you’ve been warned. If you confide in us – you are welcome!

Besides the Furry Stuff box, zines and posters, our store may occasionally feature various author’s or mass-production items: figurines, T-shirts, etc. that may be purchased separately. Usually these are pieces of art handed over to us at the initiative of the artists, or the things that were left after compilation of the boxes.

We do not take customized orders and are not involved in reselling business. The Furry Stuff box is meant for those who wish to receive an unusual surprise, not a certain work of a certain author.

You may get hold of a figurine, an art work or any other item based on your fursona only as part of the set. After all, you can always contact the artist directly and order the desired commission.

This year we are sending boxes via airmail to other countries. Ask about possibility of the delivery to your city via e-mail or contact form.

In case we cannot compile your Furry Stuff box, you¨ll get a full refund. However, we must emphasize that this does not apply to taste preferences. By ordering the set, you agree to confide in our tastes. If the work is ordered and done, it cannot be undone. But we promise to filter off low-quality works.

There will be no off-the-shelf goods in the set – only items crafted by furry artists. Those are individual works, small-circulation workpieces with original furry design, art prints etc.

We give consideration to mass-production furry-themed orders (e.g. for a confurence), the organizers will have a paw in the process of stuff selection.

Sure, but you’ve got to decide who will fill in the questionnaire. You may try to guess your friend’s preferences by yourself or ask him to fill in the form and then pay for him. We can give you a blank form with no price shown :)