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I just received my huge box of customized furry gifts from the FurryStuff gang. I can't express enough what a wonderful package this was to receive! Everything was expertly packaged and protected. It's clear to me they are very professional indeed!

This is everything I got:

  • Figurine: "Egger In The Jungle" by Corpse-Dragon
  • Custom Art: "Give It Back!" by HinarMiler HinarMiler in several formats:
  • Tee-shirt
  • Metal enameled dog tag and chain
  • Framed A4 print
  • Mini poster print
  • Button pin
  • FurryStuff 3D hand-painted resin magnet by Metazoe Metazoe
  • "Camping Furry" pin by NOCTmind NOCTmind
  • Color art book of Imanika Imanika's art
  • A USB flash "paw" drive
  • Small metal paw charms
  • Seven A3 art posters from previous years
  • Other fun stuff: plain and reflective stickers, postcards, A4 prints and some FurryStuff flyers

The silver disk drives holding the mini-poster down were not included :)

This was the best commission I've ever received, now and possibly ever.

You can get a box like what I got or you can order just a customize figurine.

The huge box of FurryStuff costs only 89 euros plus international shipping. If you've ever commissioned anyone before, you know this is a very very good deal for the price.

Pic 02

This is the figure I received as part of my FurryStuff surprise box commission. There appears to be a vine wrapped around my ankle. Hmmm...Perhaps this tree isn't everything it appears to be.

The figure was made by Corpse-Dragon and it's fantastic! Lots of attention to detail here. I just love it! Thanks so much for making it, CD!

You can get a custom figure commission or get an entire Surprise Box commission like the one I received from FurryStuff!

Lozi is responsible for this wonderful project! Go give him your money right now!


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