Furry Stuff big box 2014

Price: 99


This is the pilot issue of the Furry Stuff set. The contents depend on the wishes you’ve specified in the questionnaire, but anyways it will be a pleasant surprise for you.
By making a payment for this order, you are receiving the service that consists in compilation of unique stuff in accordance with the questionnaire, while all items in the box are treated as a gift.

IMPORTANT: Please note that we cannot guarantee the presence of certain artists or items in your set, since the main point of our project is a surprise gift.

The indispensable and presumptive parts of the set are as follows:

Indispensable contents:

1. Personal member card

2. A leaflet describing this issue and featuring the artists

3. A survey on whether you liked this issue and an invitation to take part in the next one

Extra contents (different for each personal set):

Figurines, statuettes, charms and paws of leather or metal, A3 sized posters, art albums, CDs, magnets with furry art, T-shirts, mugs, plushies, badges, mood badges, artbooks, sketchbooks, furry comic books, furry greeting cards, artists’ business cards, furry clothing and lots of other things that are created by us in cooperation with furry artists.

* Cover art is a compilation of different artworks of participating furry artists (with their consent): Лингримм, GoodWolf, Tim640, Ckio, Alai Cinereo; Statuette: Styx; Art studio products: Wunschpunsch.

* The ARFI zine is not a part of the set, it is included in the picture only for demonstration purposes. All pieces of art will be created specifically for each issue of FurryStuff.