Furry Stuff Surprise Box v.2

Price: 340


Commission box =
figurine 15 cm and art of your character
+ random goodies.

For two persons
If you have questions about it, please send them to FA.
Greeting Cards
If you take the set as a gift, you can write the text, and we will beautifully arrange it, print it and put in the set.

IMPORTANT: This box is personal commission from furry artists, so it may take up to 3 months to compile and send it.

Figurine with your character is guranteed in this edition of FurryStuff gift-box.

This is second issue of the Furry Stuff set. The contents depend on the wishes you’ve specified in the questionnaire, but anyways it will be a pleasant surprise for you.

By making a payment for this order, you are receiving the service that consists in compilation of unique stuff in accordance with the questionnaire, while all items in the box are treated as a gift.

Please note: that we cannot guarantee the presence of certain artists or items (exept for figurine) in your set, since the main point of our project is a surprise gift.

The set MAY, but not guaranteed to include:

Additional figurines, statuettes, charms and paws of leather or metal, A3 sized posters, art albums, CDs, magnets with furry art, T-shirts, mugs, plushies, badges, mood badges, artbooks, sketchbooks, furry comic books, furry greeting cards, artists’ business cards, furry clothing, and lots of other things that are created by us in cooperation with furry artists.

Each set contains USB Flash stick with artworks, commissioned specially for your set from furry artists (hi-res digital format PSD, TIFF or JPG).

Each set is a surprise box based on the questionarry and your FURSONA. It is a commision, so it will take up to three mounths to make personal items for you.

If you’ve got any questions, please read our FAQ.

* Cover art is a compilation of different artworks of participating furry artists (with their consent): Noct, Vagabonda, Imanika, Sary Dragon, Corpse Dragon, Alexander Falochu, Bast Miriam.