Feral vore figurine, 15x20 cm

77110 €
Discount: - 30%

Terms of the offer
  • Discount dates: 23.11.2020 - 29.11.2020
  • Productions time: figures will be ready after February, payment queue
  • Number of available slots: 3

Hello everyfur!

We are happy to present some vore-related content in form of figurines! You can see an example of our work and prices on this page. We can make either SFW or mild NSFW. But NO giant cock vore, please.

We encourage those interested to check out our gallery and see if you would want to get one!

The terms as usual - the order is pre-payed and it will be placed in the queue to be done ASAP. We reside in Moscow, so the shipping will be international. Regulary it's about 2-3 mounths till fully done and send to the customer.

How we do it: